Battle Heroes: Brothers in Arms Medals earned with US Tier X Tanks

Check out this week's Battle Heroes, plus a new Q&A from the developers!

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This week, we were looking for the players that earned Most Brothers in Arms Medals using Tier X US Tanks!

  • Xbox: Reg Round House with 7 Medals earned!
  • PlayStation 4: pesan07 with 12 Medals earned!

World of Tanks: Mercenaries Clans

Every week, we take a look at the top reigning clans on both Xbox and PlayStation 4! Find or create your own clan, and see if you can make the ranks in the weeks to come.

Xbox Clans

  • -NS- with a clan average XP of 1114!
  • WTAF with a clan average XP of 1006!
  • EXON with a clan average XP of 1001!
  • RA-RA with a clan average XP of 996!
  • WL- with a clan average XP of 992!

PlayStation 4 Clans

  • NOPL with a clan average XP of 998!
  • BLIND with a clan average XP of 972!
  • 0S with a clan average XP of 966!
  • -UXP- with a clan average XP of 946!
  • HI-Y with a clan average XP of 945!

Developer Q&A 

And now, over to PAINGOD from the development team in Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore!

When will the next large balance update take place? Wasn't the previous one during the last October?

  • [PAINGOD] We are evaluating tank balance now for next update, 4.11.

Will we see the Emil 1951 Premium tank this year?

  • [PAINGOD] Yes, it is coming to console later this year.

Are you planning to nerf the absolution?

  • [PAINGOD] Not currently.  It is pretty perfect in terms of skill popularity and a very even power graph across all skill levels of players.

Could we get some data about War Stories?

  • [PAINGOD] Sure
    • 2.6 Million users have played War Stories since launch
    • 43 Million War Story battles played
    • Most popular War Story - Brothers in Armor - 21.5 Million Battles
    • Top 5 Chapters:
      • Brothers in Armor - Chapter 1 - 12 Million Battles
      • Operation Sealion - Chapter 1 - 2.6 Million Battles
      • Flashpoint Berlin - Chapter 1 - 2.6 Million Battles
      • Brothers in Armor - Chapter 3 - 4.6 Million Battles
      • Brothers in Armor - Chapter 2 - 4.7 Million Battles

Any plans to update the sounds? Like the reload?

  • [PAINGOD] We have done lots of updates to the sound FX over time. Can you be more specific of what you are looking for?

Now that the Ops Tab is pretty much divided into Gold Ops(always active) and Boost Ops, yet still retains the 0/3 Active text, can we get the chance to stack different types of Boosts? Obviously it’s too good to allow stacking X3/X5/X4 XP boosts, but allowing a combination of XP, Silver, and Crew XP boosts would be pretty nice.

  • [PAINGOD] That’s actually a good idea.  I’ll have a ticket filed to look into how feasible that is.  Thanks.
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