Battle Heroes: Highest Damage caused in a single game with Tier X tanks!

Check out this week's Battle Heroes, plus a new Q&A from the developers!

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This week, we were looking for the players that caused the Highest Damage in a single game using Tier X Tanks!

  • XboxAbSeNT EnVy with 12,720 Damage dealt in a single game with the FV4005!
  • PS4: imoriA3 with 12,257 Damage dealt in a single game with the FV4005!

World of Tanks: Mercenaries Clans

Every week, we take a look at the top reigning clans on both Xbox and PlayStation 4! Find or create your own clan, and see if you can make the ranks in the weeks to come.

Xbox Clans

  • -BOT with a clan average XP of 1093!
  • IMLTS with a clan average XP of 1078!
  • -NS- with a clan average XP of 1041!
  • ELITA with a clan average XP of 1027!
  • -P- with a clan average XP of 1011!

PlayStation Clans

  • TC_ with a clan average XP of 1039!
  • F_X_A with a clan average XP of 1006!
  • STRNG with a clan average XP of 974!
  • ANXM with a clan average XP of 972!
  • MUR with a clan average XP of 969!

Developer Q&A

And now, it's time for another Q&A session with PAINGOD from the development team and Lead Designer- Jeff Gregg from Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore!

Q&A Heroes:
Can you use different color line segments to mark the change of vehicle performance in the garage? For example, the basic performance of vehicles are marked by white line segment; replacing Advanced Turret/Track improves performance and the performance improvements are marked by GREEN line segment; replacing Backward Turret/Track reduces performance and the performance reduces are marked by RED line segment; improving performance by replacing crew members are marked by BLUE line segment; improving performance by purchase accessories are marked by YELLOW line segment.

  • [PAINGOD] It’s certainly possible. Right now the feature is new and we’re reviewing feedback and requests to determine where to go next. Thanks for sending in your ideas.

Are there any plans to allow players to opt out of certain game modes?

  • [PAINGOD] Opting out of game modes would require a top level matchmaking rule which would immediately start dividing up the possible queues before any other rules. This would result in longer matchmaking times and more soft fails which result in less balanced matches. So while it would be relatively easy to implement, we have no plans to do so.

Will the +1/-1 Matchmaking ever become a permanent addition to the game?

  • [PAINGOD] I can’t say for certain yet. The first test was fairly successful and we collected lots of data to pour over. Queue times didn’t seem to increase by a noticeable amount. Soft failures, where a less balanced match is made rose slightly. We’re running a second test in the near future to gather more data to analyze.

Is there any plans to nerf the HESH shell?

  • [Jeff Gregg - Lead Designer] Let’s use the FV215b 183 to talk about HESH
    HESH is a premium round for that tank, and is super popular (on average that tank shoots 2/3 of its shells as HESH according to stats)

This is giving that tank a very high penetration rate (on average, 67% of shells that hit for this tank do pen)

But before we get too excited, keep in mind this tank has the worst accuracy statistically of all Tier 10 TDs (barely scraping 70%, the AMX 50Fosh 155 is the king of accuracy here)

The FV215b 183 is squarely in the middle of the pack re: Tier 10 TDs in terms of damage per battle and survival rate, and in the lower 3rd of win rates.

If a good tanker hits you with that HESH it has a likely chance of penning with some serious ouch factor, but know that that tanker (statistically) has the worst chance of all tier 10 TDs of hitting you due to accuracy. ALSO, the gun shoots (best case scenario) at 2 rounds a minute. Take advantage.

Why does the French TD Tier 9 Foch's side armor is 70mm while Tier X Foch 155 has 40 mm?

  • [Jeff Gregg - Lead Designer] We adjust vehicle factors based on many considerations, including what the vehicle's components are inherited from / come from AND what is correct for the tier / tier range.

Even tho the tier 9 has some thicker armor, both vehicles perform at nearly identical survival rates and lifespans per battle.

We aren't going to lie to you, the tier IX Foch DOES block more damage than the 155 due to its thicker armor, but both vehicles are winning on average just slightly over 50% of the time (meaning the survival and win for the 155 is not suffering due to the additional incoming damage).

That combined with the fact that the 155 is doing (on average) 33% more damage per battle means that the vehicles are doing their job and doing them well.

So in this case we are looking at two vehicles that share elements and are performing well. By looking at stats such as what we describe above AND since the tier X Foch 155 is in the upper third of tier X TDs re: win rate, this is a case where any buff it receives to armor (as logical as it may seem when just looking at its tier IX counterpart) would potentially push the vehicle into O.P. territory. They are not in the plans at this time.

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