Discover the Italian Tech Tree: Tiers I to VII

The Italian Tech Tree is launching at the end of the month. Find out more about these new European vehicles ahead of their release!

Are you ready for a closer look at Italy, the twelfth nation to join World of Tanks: Mercenaries? Italy was not a major player in the field of tank engineering in the interwar period of the 20th century. As they crafted their own engineering identity close to and during World War II, the Italians took a lot of their inspiration from French and British vehicles.

This article will focus on Italian Tech Tree vehicles from Tiers I-VII. High tier vehicles, including those with the new auto-reloading mechanisms, will have their own dedicated article on March 22. Check back then to find out more about them, and look out for a full article covering the entire vehicle line when the Italian Tech Tree launches in-game at the end of the month!

Tier I Vehicles

Fiat 3000 (Light Tank)

Based on the ubiquitous Renault FT French light tank, the first prototype was manufactured in 1919.

Tier II Vehicles

L6/40 (Light Tank)

An Italian light tank developed by Fiat-Ansaldo in the late 1930s, it entered production in 1940. It was used on all fronts by the Italian Armed Forces.

M14/41 (Medium Tank)

Based on the earlier M13/40 with an improved hull and a more powerful engine.

Tier III Vehicles

M15/42 (Medium Tank)

A further development of the M14/41, this Italian medium tank was produced from the beginning of 1943, with less than 150 units built.

Tier IV Vehicles

P26/40 (Medium Tank)

Development of this vehicle armed with a 75mm gun started at the end of 1940. A little above 100 units were produced due to issues with engine supply.

Tier V Vehicles

P.43 (Medium Tank)

Developed in parallel to the P26/40, the P.43 was an Italian project for a 75mm gun-armed tank. Only a 1:10 scale wooden prototype was built.

Tier VI Vehicles

P.43 BIS (Medium Tank)

A further evolution of the P.43, the BIS version was intended to be armed with a 90mm gun.

Tier VII Vehicles

P.43 TER (Medium Tank)

The final evolution of the P.43 project, the P.43 TER was to have improved suspension. Work was discontinued at the blueprints stage.

Check back on the portal on March 22 for the lowdown on Italian vehicles from Tiers VIII to X. You can also get a taste of Italian engineering and the new auto-reloading feature in-game right now with our latest Premium vehicle, the Ariete Progetto!

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