Commander Mode - October Edition: Get the FV4202 (P) for FREE!

Show your strategic skills, earn a ton of rewards, and make progress in the Autumn Games!
08 Oct
17:01 Local Time
14 Oct
08:59 Local Time

Commander Mode is back with awesome new stuff! The second event of our Real Time Strategy mode is filled with a bit of everything: Premium Time, Gold, Silver, consumables, and even the British FV4202 (P) Medium Tank as a reward!

Offering a good variety of stats that make it very well rounded, it’s no surprise that the FV4202 (P) was chosen as the first reward-tank for Commander Mode!

In the right hands, the FV4202 (P) has everything it needs to become a deadly opponent to its foes:

  • 20’pdr Gun
  • Good turret armor
  • Good Spotting

Commanders will earn the FV4202 (P) after they reach Lieutenant Colonel II in the Progression Ops!

Click here to get more information on the Progression Ops.

New stuff coming your way:

  • New Map - Ruinberg War  
    • The first map with Assault game mode
  • Commander Roster
    • Commanders can leave Roster slots empty. A stock tank will be given to them to be controlled during the match
    • Replaced one wildcard slot with a Light/Tank Destroyer slot
    • Tanks can now be more easily removed from the Roster
  • 7 new Tank Rentals

And more!

Not sure how Commander Mode works? Click here and find out more.

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