Deals of the Week + Premium Tech Tree Additions for June 04

Check out this week's additions to the Premium Tech Tree and save 50% on two awesome Premium vehicles!

Every Tuesday, get a massive 50% off some of the most powerful Premium vehicles in the game in our Deal of the Week bundles, accessible through the in-game 'Store' tab. Additionally, every week there are permanent new additions to the Premium Tech Tree, giving collectors and thrill-seekers the chance to get their hands on rare and powerful vehicles (including Hero tanks). Access the Premium Tech Tree via the 'Tanks' tab in your Garage to see what's new!

04 Jun
09:01 Local Time
11 Jun
08:59 Local Time

Deals of the Week: Lycan T71 and the Adler VK 45.03

Get 50% off our featured tanks for one week only! All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store come with a 100% trained Crew, their own Garage slot, and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

It sees them, it sneaks up on them, it sends chills down their spines. That is the effect of the high concealment and spotting of the Lycan T71 Light tank. Like a Werewolf, the speed and mobility of this Light Tank will be your biggest contributors to achieving victory and spreading terror in the battlefield.

The noble Adler VK 45.03 is armed like a true knight. Equipped with eagle eyes, the hefty armor of this Tier VII Heavy comes with superior spotting values over its enemies and other Heavies that face it in battle.

  • American Tier VII Lycan T71 Light Tank
  • Crew Voucher
  • Flag Voucher


50% savings!

  • German Tier VII Adler VK 45.03 Heavy Tank
  • Crew Voucher
  • Flag Voucher


50% savings!

Premium Tech Tree Additions (June 04)

Captured King Tiger available for  13,800Gold

Having been captured from the Germans and repurposed to serve the Allies, this American Tier VIII Heavy mimics all the outstanding characteristics of a German Tanks performance only better- with permanent camouflage and near-perfect spotting.

MTLS-1G14 available for 1,250Gold

We all got to start somewhere, so why not add two guns (each with 5 shots), for the possibility of damage equal to 1500 dpm? The MTLS-1G14 brings the firepower not only to its Tier III but to the Light Tank class as well. Make use of its speed to execute lightning strikes with devastating effect. Hit and run has never been so fun!

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