Five Years: Celebrate our Anniversary with Epic Bundles, a Free Tank and In-Game Events!

Get the lowdown on our birthday celebrations.

This month marks five years since World of Tanks first landed on consoles, and we’re celebrating in a big way. Throughout February, you can look forward to massive prize giveaways, a free gift tank (coming February 12), epic bundles, the return of War Chests, the addition of Black Tanks to the Trade-In Program, and even more!

Read on to find out more about events kicking off today, and for a glimpse at our massive Anniversary Bundles, including a Mercenaries Mega collection, Heavy Metal Heroes, and a band of ferocious Tigers.

February 5-18: Free XP to Crew XP Conversion!

Select 'Upgrade' on a tank, then select 'Crew', choose a Crew, and head to the Free XP to Crew Conversion option.

February 5-18: Save 20% on Gold to Silver Exchange!

Go to the ‘Store’ tab in-game to save 20% when you convert your currency!

Anniversary Bundles: Mercenaries, Heavy Metal Heroes, National Heroes, Tigers + More!

Celebrate five years of World of Tanks on consoles with up to 75% off collections of some of the best tanks in the game!

The Mercenaries Mega collection is available for 18,000Gold (75% discount) and unites every Premium Mercenary vehicle released to date. This includes the mighty Absolution, the Outcasts (designed by Tank Girl artist Brett Parson), the rock-solid Brick, the bombastic Trinity Mk II, the shell-raisin' Turtle, the hard and heavy Boulder, and the most recent release, Skullcap!

The Anniversary Heavy Metal Heroes bundle is available for 22,000Gold (75% discount) and features every rockin' Heavy Metal Hero released so far! Roll out with eight of these battlefield masters, including the HMH Chrysler K, the HMH Hunstman Centurion, the HMH M51 Super Sherman, the HMH AMX M4 mle. 49, and even more!

The Anniversary National Heroes Collection is available for 22.000Gold (75% discount) and packs in some of the finest fighters from eight in-game nations. Fly the flag for America with the T26E4 Freedom, bring the hammer down with Germany's Tiger I Hammer, seek and destroy with Sweden's Stark Strv S1, unleash the fury of the Soviet Fatherland IS-3A, and discover even more heroes from Britain, France, Japan, and Czechoslovakia.

05 Feb
10:01 Local Time
19 Feb
09:59 Local Time
  • Mercenary Tier VI Absolution Heavy Tank
  • 100% Callahan Trained Crew (with Controlled Impact and Brothers in Arms Skills)
  • Mercenary Tier VII Banana Buster Heavy Tank
  • 100% 40 Watt Club Trained Crew (with Deadeye and Repairs Skills)
  • Mercenary Tier VIII Beach Party Medium Tank
  • 100% Battalion 23 Trained Crew (with Smooth Ride and Eagle Eye Skills)
  • Mercenary Tier VIII T.A.N.K. Light Tank
  • 100% The Buck Trained Crew (with Paratrooper Training and Camouflage Skills)
  • Mercenary Tier VIII Brick Heavy Tank
  • 100% Accursed Sandman Trained Crew (with Brothers in Arms and Track Mechanic Skills)
  • Mercenary Tier VII Skullcap Medium Tank
  • 100% Hellborn Reaper Trained Crew (with Sixth Sense and Snapshot Skills)
  • Mercenary Tier VII Boulder Heavy Tank
  • 100% Reaver Omega Trained Crew (with Mentor and Sixth Sense Skills)
  • Mercenary Tier VIII Turtle Light Tank
  • 100% Cunning Ocelot Trained Crew (with Designated Target and Green Thumb Skills)
  • Mercenary Tier VIII The Trinity Mark II Medium Tank
  • 100% Sonic Valkyrie Trained Crew (with Pain Tolerance and Track Mechanic Skills)


75% savings!

  • French Tier VIII HMH AMX M4 mle. 49 Heavy Tank
  • Soviet Tier VIII HMH ISU-130 Tank Destroyer
  • American Tier VIII HMH Chrysler K Heavy Tank
  • British Tier VIII HMH Huntsman Centurion Medium Tank
  • British Tier VIII HMH FV305 Artillery
  • Soviet Tier VI HMH T-34-85M Medium Tank
  • French Tier VII HMH AMX 13 57 Light Tank
  • French Tier VIII HMH M51 Super Sherman Medium Tank
  • 8 Crew Customization Vouchers


75% savings!

  • American Tier VIII T26E4 Freedom Medium Tank
  • British Tier V Frostbite Grizzly M4 Medium Tank
  • German Tier VII Tiger I Hammer Heavy Tank
  • Swedish Tier VIII Stark Strv S1 Tank Destroyer
  • Soviet Tier VIII Fatherland IS-3A Heavy Tank
  • British Tier VI Cromwell Knight Medium Tank
  • French Tier VIII FCM 50 t Liberté Heavy Tank
  • Japanese Tier VIII Senshi STA-2 Medium Tank
  • Czechoslovakian Tier VI Žižka Škoda T 40 Medium Tank
  • 9 Crew Customization Vouchers


75% savings!

Unite a trio of powerful Tigers in the Anniversary Tiger Power collection for 11,250Gold (70% discount), check out some of our favorite vehicles, from the Motherland and Tiger 131 to the Minuteman T29 and Rheinmetall Skorpion G, in the Anniversary Top Picks bundle for 24,000Gold (75% discount), and check out the sheer power on display in the Anniversary Shock and Awe and Unstoppable Force collections!

  • German Tier VIII King Tiger Heavy Tank
  • German Tier VII Tiger 131 Heavy Tank
  • 100% Gustav von Vaerst Trained Crew (with Deadeye Skill)
  • American Tier VIII Captured King Tiger Heavy Tank
  • 3 Crew Customization Vouchers


70% savings!

  • American Tier VII Minuteman T29 Heavy Tank
  • Polish Tier VIII 50TP prototyp Heavy Tank
  • German Tier VI Tiger 131 Heavy Tank
  • Soviet Tier VIII Motherland Medium Tank
  • Chinese Tier VIII Type 59 Medium Tank
  • Soviet Tier VIII Object 252U Defender Heavy Tank
  • British Tier VIII Centennial T95 Medium Tank
  • German Tier VIII Rheinmetall Skorpion G Tank Destroyer
  • American Tier VIII HMH Chrysler K Heavy Tank
  • 9 Crew Customization Vouchers


75% savings!

  • German Tier VIII Rheinmetall Skorpion G Tank Destroyer
  • Chinese Tier VIII Yazi WZ-120-1G FT Tank Destroyer
  • British Tier VIII Vindicator Charioteer Tank Destroyer
  • 3 Crew Customization Vouchers


70% savings!

  • American Tier VIII Patriot T26E5 Heavy Tank
  • Soviet Tier VIII Object 252U Defender Heavy Tank
  • French Tier VIII Nomad Somua SM Heavy Tank
  • 3 Crew Customization Vouchers


70% savings!

Fifth Anniversary War Chests: Gold, Boosts & Premium Tanks at Low Prices!
French Community League Tournament (PlayStation 4) Starting February 22!
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