Finish Mercenary Contracts with Free XP before March 26!

Buyout Mercenary Contracts and stages in an all-new way.

For a limited time only, you can use your Free XP to buyout Mercenary Contracts and stages! It's the perfect opportunity to add some awesome new vehicles and their fearsome Crews to your armory even faster.

12 Mar
10:01 Local Time
26 Mar
09:59 Local Time

Buyout Mercenary Contracts and Stages with Free XP!

From March 12 through March 25, you'll be able to use your Free XP to finish off Mercenary stages and Contracts! Here's what you need to know about this limited-time feature:

  • To view the Mercenary Contracts currently available, visit the Mercenaries Tech Tree through the 'Tanks' tab.
  • When Free XP buyouts are active in-game, you will see a message alongside Mercenary tanks saying that Gold or Free XP can be used to buy the Contract or skip the stage (on the right-hand panel).
  • Once you press the Purchase button, you will see two options to choose from: 'Purchase for Gold' or 'Purchase for Free XP'. 
  • You can press either of these buttons to confirm the purchase using the currency you prefer.

The exchange rate for buyouts is 1Gold = 15Free XP. If you don't have enough Gold or Free XP to buyout a Contract or stage, the cost will appear in red text, and attempting to purchase using insufficient currency will display shortcut windows to show you how to get more Gold or Free XP.

The following Mercenary Contracts are or will be available to purchase using Free XP (expiry dates listed in descending order):

  • Tusk (Tier X Light Tank)
    • Available until August 4
  • Bigtop (Tier VII Medium Tank)
    • Available until May 5
  • Long Reach (Tier VI Heavy Tank)
    • Available until April 14
  • Lawgiver (Tier IV Light Tank)
    • Available until April 7
  • Deadbolt (Tier V Heavy Tank)
    • Available until April 7
  • Plaguebringer (Tier VI Tank Destroyer)
    • Available until March 31
  • Slapjack (Tier VII Heavy Tank)
    • Available until March 31
  • Roundabout (Tier IV Tank Destroyer)
    • Available until March 24
  • Thunderbucket (Tier IV Light Tank)
    • Available until March 17
  • The Jammer (Tier VII Medium Tank)
    • Available until March 17

Take advantage of this limited time offer while you can to fill your Mercenary ranks!

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