Luck of the Irish: Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Random Loot Drops from March 15-17!

Are you feeling lucky?

St Patrick's Day is around the corner, so what better way to mark Ireland's national holiday than by wrecking some tanks? With the Luck of the Irish Op, you can receive an especially lucky random loot drop on every 10 victories! Don your favorite green attire, and get cracking for some St Paddy's tank mayhem!

If you're feeling extra lucky, check out our St. Patrick's Day giveaway on Facebook, where three players will be able to win the Irish Banshee Comet tank (winners will be drawn March 19). May the luck of the Irish be with you!

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

15 Mar
10:01 Local Time
18 Mar
09:59 Local Time
Goals Rewards Restrictions

Luck of the Irish

  • Win 10 battles.

One of the following:

  • 70,000Silver
  • 80,000Silver
  • 90,000Silver
  • 100,000Silver
  • Available to Tier III-X vehicles in Multiplayer battles only.

St. Patrick's Day Emblems

It turns out it is easy being green! Hit 'Upgrade' on your tank of choice in the Garage, then head to the 'Customize' tab, and select 'Emblems' to decorate your vehicle with some lovely Emblems from the Emerald Isle.


Available for a limited time only!

Finish Mercenary Contracts with Free XP before March 26!
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