+1/-1 Matchmaking + the Loaded Dice Event COMBINED!

Oh, it’s happening alright!
15 Oct
09:01 Local Time
22 Oct
08:59 Local Time

Two of the best things since sliced bread are combining!

The +1/-1 Matchmaking and the Loaded Dice events are joining forces to bring THE ultimate Combat Experience to Multiplayer!

During this event play against other vehicles that are no more than one tier above or below yours, as well as with reduced damage variability, exact Penetration, and Burn Damage values.

The stage is set. Test your skills, not your luck!

Please note that Preferential Matchmaking tanks will be adjusted to play with vehicles of the same tier or one tier lower.

Learn more about the Penetration, Damage & Burn Damage in the Loaded Dice Event here.

Deals of the Week: 50% OFF the Falcon T92 & Beach Party + Heavy sales & Double Silver weekend!
PlayStation 4 War of Clans begins!
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