Monday Madness: Experienced in Battle!

Earn x3 XP on the first win of each of your vehicles. 5 Crew XP Boosts Combo with a 20% Discount

Start your week the right way with Monday Madness! Earn x3 XP in the first win of the day, in every vehicle! Don't forget to check out the 5 Crew XP  Boost Combo at 20% off, and advance your crew quicker after each battle.

01 Jul
09:01 Local Time
02 Jul
08:59 Local Time

The 5 Crew XP Boost Combo contains:

  • (5) x2 Crew XP Boost Ops
  • (5) x4 Crew XP Boost Ops
  • (5) x6 Crew XP Boost Ops
  • (5) x8 Crew XP Boost Ops
  • (5) x10 Crew XP Boost Ops


20% Savings!

This offer is only available Monday, July 1st – don’t miss out!

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