Premium Tech Tree Weekly: Legion 59-Patton, Stark Strv S1 and Citadel Tiger I

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The Premium Tech Tree, accessed via the 'Tanks' tab in your Garage, is ripe with a regularly updated roster of tanks that rarely step out into the limelight, giving collectors and thrill-seekers the chance to take something new for a spin. We're adding new Hero tanks every week; these are powerful tanks that are usually only available in Store bundles or via special Earn Ops, so check back every Tuesday to see what's new!

12 Feb
10:01 Local Time

New additions for February 12

Legion 59-Patton available for 9,800Gold

This Chinese and American dual-nation trainer features good mobility and great gun depression. 

Stark Strv S1 available for 11,900Gold

Seek and destroy with the Stark Strv S1, an unstoppable machine made from Swedish steel.

Citadel Tiger I available for 3,900Gold

The Citadel Tiger I is an awesome German hero straight from the pages of Dark Horse Comics' World of Tanks series.

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