PlayStation 4 War of Clans begins!

The prize pool is 2 million Gold. Carve out your own piece of the pie!

PlayStation 4 clans, get ready!

Global Map registration starts today. Join the fight for the prize pool of 2 million Gold!


What is the Global Map

The Global Map is a place where clans battle for objects and resources. Are you ready to find out who will conquer the most territories and get the biggest chunk of Gold? Then let's battle!

The Global Map is the Community Team’s idea.

The main objective for clans on the Global Map is to capture as many towns as possible and hold them for as long as possible. The more successful you are, the more Gold your clan earns.

Use strategy, tactics, or diplomacy — all's fair in the war of clans. As long as you don't break the rules!


What should you expect

  • The prize pool of 2,000,000 Gold!
  • Fierce battles against equal opponents (the minimum number of players in a clan — 7; recommended — 25–30).
  • 6 weeks of battles + 1 week to exchange earned gallons for Gold.
  • Battle for the Capital every Friday at 17:00 (UTC).


To see the map, log in to the website.

Important to know

  • All battles take place in training rooms. Clans create rooms themselves.
  • The battle start time is indicated in the object parameters and shown for your time zone.
  • As soon as the battles on the Global Map start, clan change restrictions apply. Players can switch clans only every seven (7) days.
  • You can move tokens on the map every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 21:01 till 15:59 (UTC) of the next day. 
  • Battles for objects are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. For players in North America, it's Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays respectively.
  • To make the game comfortable for all clans, the Global Map is divided into regions. Learn the positions of objects on the map thoroughly and pick those that are located in your time zone.
    • Europe: top left side (А1 – А29 – AH29 – AH1). Battles here start at 21:30 (UTC).
    • CIS: bottom left side of the map (A30 – А70 – AO70 – AO30). Battles here start at 18:30 (UTC).
    • Asia: the square at the top of the map (AI1 – AI29 – AN29 – AN1). Battles for these territories start at 11:30 (UTC).
    • North America: top right side and bottom left side of the map. Battles here start at 1:30 and 4:00 (UTC).
  • Don't skip the tutorial! We urge you to complete it because you won't get a second chance. The better you learn how the Global Map works, the more Gold you'll be able to earn for your clan!

IMPORTANT! Only the clan commander can register the clan for the Global Map. On the other hand, both the commander and their deputies can purchase and move tokens.


Still have questions? Ask them in our Discord channel!

Xbox tankers, now a piece of news for you! You will be able to land on the Global Map at the beginning of 2020! Gather your team, practice, and get ready!

+1/-1 Matchmaking + the Loaded Dice Event COMBINED!
Unleash the rebel inside the Object 260
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