The War of Clans on PlayStation 4: Fight for 2 Million Gold!

The War of Clans rises to a new level.

Tankers, are you ready for epic fights to claim territories? Then you better start practicing. The new War of Clans season on PlayStation 4 begins soon! And when we say "new", we mean it—prepare to see a lot of changes.

Registration starts on October 14.


This season, the prize pool is TWICE as large! That means 2 million Gold is at stake. Besides this, the map got bigger. There's twice as many Bases and Towns on it now—plenty to fight for!

Interactive Tutorial

Last season, many of you said that it wasn't always clear what was happening on the map and what to do in different situations. We heard you! That's why we have developed the interactive tutorial system.

Now you will be able to fully concentrate on battle strategy, without getting distracted by some technical nuisance. The interactive tutorial will explain all the details and give hints on how to proceed in various game situations on the map. We did our best to make the tutorial as comprehensive as possible. You can choose either English or Russian for the tutorial.

Time Zones

Now the battle start time is already shown for your time zone. No need to painfully calculate the time anymore! This improvement prevents mistakes and allows you to easily decide which battles are going to be the best for you.

The Bracket

And one more nice thing: battle results are now added to the bracket automatically. Forget about sending screenshots to Discord from now on! Note that this only works if both teams agree with the result. Otherwise, it's the usual procedure, and disputes will be solved in the designated sub-section of our channel. Of course, you'll need screenshots in that case.

Let's sum up. A clear UI, a tutorial, huge map, heaps of Gold—what else do you need? We're waiting for you in the War of Clans!

Until then, make sure you've read the Rules carefully.

If you have any questions about the War of Clans, ask away here.

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