Battle Heroes: Sing When You're Winning

Who got the highest win rate using Tier X vehicles this week? Plus, check out a new Q&A from the dev team!

Battle Heroes is the place where we show off awesome feats, daring battles, and amazing accomplishments in World of Tanks: Mercenaries! Check back every week to see if you've been featured, and if you want to get in on the action, be sure to post on the forum, or get in touch with our lovely Community team on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

This week, we were looking for the highest win rate using Tier X vehicles. Here's who came out on top!

Xbox: xROBB1Nx with a win rate of 89%!
PlayStation 4: Jambo550 with a win rate of 85%!

Every week, we take a look at the top reigning clans on both Xbox and PlayStation 4! Find or create your own clan, and see if you can make the ranks in the weeks to come.

Xbox Clans

19R with a clan average XP of 1144!
-NS- with a clan average XP of 1121!
FOCHU with a clan average XP of 1075!
FIFTH with a clan average XP of 1067!
-WAE- with a clan average XP of 1020!

PlayStation 4 Clans

-VG- with a clan average XP of 1075!
1R with a clan average XP of 1054!
-NS- with a clan average XP of 1007!
MERCV with a clan average XP of 998!
_CRO_ with a clan average XP of 993!

Q&A Heroes

Answers to some of your most burning questions about World of Tanks: Mercenaries!

How are Light Tanks doing since the rebalance?

  • You mean since we added the Tier 10 Light Tanks? All in all, pretty well actually.
    • The average win rate of all light tanks went up.
    • The average win rate of the new Tier 10 Light Tanks has settled at 50.69%.

Is it true that the FV215b 183 will be removed and replaced with Badger? If it's true, when?

  • We don’t currently plan to remove the FV215b 183, but we will be adding the Badger at some point.

Can we get a status update on some of these community requested features?

  • The ability to equip clear camouflage on tanks other than Mercs.
    • That will be in the next update, 4.6.
  • Artillery trajectory view cam.
    • The new Arty cam will be in the next update, well before the end of summer.
  • Dynamic garage stats that account for equipment, crew skills, etc. equipped on your tank.
    • Thanks for the reminder, I just pinged the ticket for an update on progress.

Battle Heroes: Your Accomplishments!

This week we asked you to show off your achievements in Sabaton's Primo Victoria tank.

Check out the Flickr album to see if you're featured!

Shout-out to: StoneFiddle7872, SpartanTheGrief, Blitzz_K_Qc, BrogueOne, Chimonakimi, ConroyJR, FissileGnu6, Gallant Prime, General Parrish, Gievepixx, HMS Conqueror, IBROX 04, IceFrogger1313, id_sonnet, King Ahura, L0RIS, LazyCalf5928745, MASHMAN 90, R0B1N PL, Reaper0fGamez, swifty139, TallDesert34426, TheJolly, tunnelvision78, vryabchun, WrathofAchilles, YoungestBike679, and Zajac89!

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