Battle Heroes: Number One

Who was the top player in Ranked Battles?

Battle Heroes is the place where we show off awesome feats, daring battles, and amazing accomplishments in World of Tanks: Mercenaries! Check back every week to see if you've been featured, and if you want to get in on the action, be sure to post on the forum, or get in touch with our lovely Community team on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

This week, we were looking for the top player in Ranked Battles. Here's who came out on top!

Xbox: BloomOfTheLeaf with a rating of 14,800!
PlayStation 4: rybo263 with a rating of 12,100!

Every week, we take a look at the top reigning clans on both Xbox and PlayStation 4! Find or create your own clan, and see if you can make the ranks in the weeks to come.

Xbox Clans

MXD with a clan average XP of 1073!
2KWN8 with a clan average XP of 1021!
-NS- with a clan average XP of 1004!
TRB with a clan average XP of 990!
FNX with a clan average XP of 986!

PlayStation 4 Clans

_CRO_ with a clan average XP of 1020!
1R with a clan average XP of 996!
RT_ with a clan average XP of 986!
OSSI with a clan average XP of 967!
MERCV with a clan average XP of 965!

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures this week! Check them out in the Flickr gallery below:

Battle Heroes: Your Accomplishments!

Shout-out to: D1G1TAL_MAN, Der_Rampanzer, DiscoSt90935438, Gooders_1973, IKeithStone79, Jason_E_Fisher, Qwerty3604, SL4Y3R28, Sohbrikay, and Sapphiregamer21!


Thanks to Marcinir, super_omega_aids, MASHMAN 90, Stopher Sylvia, greenteam117, Spartan Elite43, Bullvyi, Shadowpower001, IND00R MAN, Brogue One, Swindle321_, enith_Inc, Sovietdeath, and Xenith_Inc for their submissions!

You can check out even more amazing in-game feats outside of our YouTube gallery, with submissions from: Shadow Akula 96 (with four bonus rounds), SIDEL0CK, and Sohbrikay!

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